New Diary.... with a great pic of a cockpit "...... hizzzzz from the audience"

"Hello everyone! We're fine, thanks for asking.  We have finished the work with the first cockpit of the LaGG-3. This required us to create models and new technology for the engine. A closed cockpit is a new element and we needed to solve many issues associated with the effects of an enclosed canopy. We would like to make it so that you get a good experience, so we needed to work with sound and graphics. In the sound stage, each object must sound different in a closed cockpit than in an open cockpit.

In terms of graphics rain falls not on the pilot's goggles, as in an open cockpit, but on the glass of the cockpit. We want to make this element true and interesting. So when I write that we finish the first cabin, I mean the whole set of different issues were solved."

The whole diary can be read here.