Team Fusion has been working on a "non-official" patch for CLoD ever since the latest and final official patch was relased, We have seen clips from their work now and then in the forum and the shoutbox. For those of you who still have an interest in this title, please visit ATAG's forum to read more about additions and changes and download if you want to.
Note that you have to have an account on ATAG forum and logged in to view the forum thread.

Please note again though that this patch is NOT official  - LOFT from the BoS team (now consisting of members from both RoF and CloD - including IL2 1946 team members) commented on Team Fusion's work in one of the Diary updates:

Q: Now enthusiasts from ATAG themselves correct CloD (copyright for this game belongs to you). Whether any cooperation with this team?

A: So far none of them have tried to contact with me (or with anyone else from 1C-777) and discuss this possibility. This is a bad sign. They don't respect us. If there is no respect for other people's property, any dialogue is impossible. I hope that this is due only to the fact that this boys don't yet know what they want and what they have done. Therefore, they are shy.