TAW Situation Map

This is the siutation of the Eastern front on TAW Server. Please visit TAW Site for more information. SvAF normally fly on Axis' side.

Sometimes it takes someone outside our crew to initiate a Big Wing :) 
It's been a while since we had our latest "official" Big Wing. We have had more sporadic trials, the Pe8 mission a few weeks back comes to mind - that is kind of how we do things these days.

Anyway, on the initiative from 5th Squadron, there will be two attempts to muster up our volunteers for a bomber/attack Big Wing with 5th flying cover.

Sunday the 31 st (yeakh I know.. Easter) is the first one so those of you who have time and will, please saddle up and join formation. 

The 2nd attempt is the following Sunday - the 7th of April.
Please read the thread in the forum and let us know if you want to/can attend. Maybe we will end up like this again :)