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IL2 BoS Developer's Diary #12

So, it's Friday again and the IL2 BoS Team, with =LOFT at the keyboard, is ready to give us yet another developer's diary update, this time with two screenshots from a cockpit.. namely the XXX... well what cockpit is it?

Unfortunately they don't have as much time to answer the community's questions as usual this time due to their upcoming release of a Rise of Flight Update, but there are still some goodies to be read.

Full developer's diary can be found here.


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0 #3 F19_Klunk 2013-03-27 19:51
honestly Svanen, I think the cockpits looks great so far. Remember that these screens are not from" in-game, but most probably rendered in 3dMax or similar... The MOST important aspect is the lighting effects .. texture.. bump mapping etc.. we won't see that until in-game screens. So be patient :)
0 #2 F16_Svanen 2013-03-27 11:28
Klunk, you have a good eye for graphics. On the forum I read "Amazing cockpit", "Fantastic work" and so on...

I think it looks like crap compared to Clod, whats is your opinion?
0 #1 F19_Klunk 2013-03-22 18:07
I hate the fact that I have these high expectasions on this title... it's happened before and i was severely let down (read: CLoD)... but I can't wait to actually fly the IL2 once again in a new sim series..

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