TAW Situation Map - SvAF is Axis (blue markers)

It is FLYING! IL2 BoS Developer's Diary #13 & #14

I forgot to inform you about last week's BoS Developer's Diary update (#13), but here is a reminder.

BUT - on the same page is also Update #14 .. and.. IT IS FLYING!

Yeah, by the looks of it, IL2 is now imported into the game - well at least so much so they can test different lighting options. Look at these beauties!



 (click each picture to enlarge)

All pics are taken in front of clouds, so I guess they don't want us to see the rest of the "map".. textures and other features, but it sure looks very promising. I kinda like clouds too - it's what was missing in CloD (among other things).
Also in the update is a video from the team's visit to an airfield with some airplay so to speak,  and of course - as usual - answers to the community's questions.

Well wasn't this a great way to end the work week?

Again  - Links to Update #13 and Update #14.


0 #1 F19_Klunk 2013-04-05 14:44
I.. LIKE!!! :)

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