So, there are a number of updates at the Developer's diary over at 1C Games. The latest is #20, where Loft tells us about their plans regarding gameplay: Single-player etc. .

" Some players think that only multiplayer is worthy of attention, others would like to see the entire ground war

modeled instead of focusing on missions, some folks just wants to know what it was like to dogfight during the Second World War and lastly, some will just get a disc as a gift and not know what he or she wants from the game. Realizing that our audience is so different, we came to a strategy of the gameplay that we call "Single Player Online".
Check it out here

He also uploaded a video where we are presented with a WIP Sound Engine... just listen to that engine... PS Use headphones.

We are looking forward to the update next week, where Loft more in detail will describe the different gamestyles/modes that are planned to be implemented into the game.

PS An extra treat. For those of you who haven't seen the "Leaked" in game video; here it is:

I for one, am very enthusiastic about this title - aren't you?