Countdown has begun. 1C Game Studio has today  announced that we can pre-order IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. There are two options: Standard Edition for $49.99 (standard game but you will be invited to play pre-launch) and Premuim Edition for $89.99 (where we are invited to try the game out even earlier, + 2 additional planes: La5 and Fw190).

Looks like they are going with the same business model as with Rise of Flight; you have to pay to fly some plane models. Good? Bad? up to you to decide.

Here is the "game trailer" with the invitation and link to pre-order site:

We are proud to present you our newest flight simulator - IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. This isa continuation of the legendary Sturmovik series and for more than 10 years it has been the standard for the combat simulation genre. IL-2 products have received worldwide recognition by gamers from every corner of the globe. This new entry into this series will offer virtual pilots and players an even more accurate reproduction of the legendary air battles of World War II. A new, higher level of physics modeling, damage modeling and aerodynamics has been achieved. Battle of Stalingrad will include several famous aircraft that have been recreated from detailed drawings and blueprints and they will fly over the most ambitious and detailed reconstruction ever attempted in a flight-sim of the most critical battle on the Eastern Front.

We invite you to become a participant in the development of BOS by placing a Pre-Order. By doing this, you will be the first to get access to the product and help us to make it even better. The combat flight-sim genre now needs your attention; modest budgets do not allow the realizationof everything virtual pilots dream about at once. But together we can truly revolutionize the genre and bring back a true legend to the sky!

If there are truly a lot of us, more than the skeptics think, and if the time of serious games for the PC has not passed, then we can make more with your support.

Let's strive for success together!