TAW Situation Map

This is the siutation of the Eastern front on TAW Server. Please visit TAW Site for more information. SvAF normally fly on Axis' side.

So, finally it is official. We have heard it from the grapevine through Humbug before and now it is official. Ilya Shevchenko (a.k.a Luthier) - producer of titles such as IL2 Pacific Fighters and IL2 Cliffs of Dover, Oleg Maddox (a.k.a Godfather of flightsims) -  founder of Maddox Games and creator or the original IL2 series, and Igor Tishin - the driving force behind Eagle Dynamics (Lock On, DCS: Black Shark etc) has teamed up for a kickstart project: DCS WWI Europe 1944.


More info about the project, the kickstarter goals and how you can "kick in" (edit link wont work... look at Svanen's post in chat)