Today's diary is not a stream but Loft answers a few of the community's questions:

The Qs are:

1) Will the alpha-version which is going to be provided to players during the early access period in Autumn have SLI/CrossFire support? I know that release version was announced to have full compatibility.


2) Premium pre-order gives a) premium planes, b) free unlocks, c) upcoming free unlocks. Will this all be bound to one activation key or, like in most DD stores, sent to us as separate keys for each bonus?

3) A question to LOFT. Albert, what are you planning to show on GamesCom? What has been added to the version shown in the US?

4) A swastika question. Devs made and declared their final decision. What's your attitude to user-made skins that may have Hakenkreuz on them?

5) I'm wondering about the way you make your decision about adding new planes? Do the polls on the forums influence that decision? What do you prioritize: plane's potential to be interesting to players, or volumes of available technical information that make them simple for you to model?

6) Are you hiring? If yes, what kind of specialists are you interested in most of all?

7) Dear developers, what would you consider as a success of your project? Reimburse the investments? 1 million players? How do we - ordinary users - know that you're doing okay? Only when you announce development of new theatres of war?

8) Do you plan to allow adding additional user made maps for dogfight like it's done in ROF?

9) Multicore support. Jason mentions it is there. Does it work well on both brands of CPUs: AMD and Intel? Multi-GPU support. Jason mentions this as well and again implementation question: works on both AMD and nVidia?

10) About the first stream with LaGG. The plane taxiing on the snow-covered plain didn't look realistic. There were no wheel tracks behind it, no trace of interacting with the snow at all. Is it because it's only alpha? Because the trucks and tanks do leave the tracks judging by the earlier video blog. Will planes leave tracks?

Answers can be read here.

If you missed last week's live stream, here is the recorded version: