Beeing out of the loop so to speak, from IL1946 for awhile, I of course missed out on the relaese of HSFX 7. This news snippet if of course important because most online servers which are populated use this mod pack, and with HSFX the mods are now up to par with official patch 4.12.


As we fly frequently on Warbiirds of Prey servers, this thread could be of great use for those of you who haven't yet installed HSFX 7 yet. It tells you everything you need about how to install the pack.
HSFX 7 release note here.

PS! There are two ways to install HSFX 7.  One is descibed in the Warbirds of Prey thread presented above, the other in the release note page 3.

A final tip: Always keep a fresh installation of the latest "vanilla version "of IL2 as a backup. That makes these operations a lot smoother.