Warbirds of Prey servers have been updated as follows:

Spits vs 109s to Stock 4.12.2m

Spits vs 109s HSFX to HSFX 7.0.1

Zekes vs Wildcats to HSFX 7.0.1


Stock 4.12.2m Patch can be found here

HSFX 7 Auto Updater can be found here

To upgrade your current HSFX 7.0 installation to 7.0.1 requires three steps:

1 - Run JSGME and remove all selected mods

2 - Install the Stock 4.12.2m patch into the HSFX 7 folder

3 - Install then run the HSFX7 Auto Updater program.

4 - Run JSGME and select the HSFX History Mod

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