So, the time has come. Today all Premium pre-buyers can download the Alpha of IL2 BoS.

This long and exciting anticipation is finally over, and we're happily announcing that you are now able to download the alpha-version of IL2BOS

Buyers of the Premium Edition will get the early access on November 19th 2013. Buyers of the Standard Edition of the Pre-Order Program will get early access in December 2013 prior to public release (the exact date will be announced later).

To get the game installer (335Mb), please, click DOWNLOAD below



PS: Only download today, but we won't be able to test until tomorrow when the first 3-day test period starts
We anticipate turning on the authentication server shortly after midnight Moscow time tonight if all goes to plan."

>>>>>Moscow time ;)<<<<<

Some useful information for you:

Game setup and settings

Game key activation

System requirement

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