It's been a while since we told you about latest updats for IL2, but by the looks of it multiplayer for alpha release is getting closer.

Hello everyone.
 It's +28 C and a light midday rain on the Caribbean isles. Meanwhile, the IL2:BOS dev team keeps digging into the program code here in freezing and windy Moscow. Another week of development has passed and I'm going to tell you how it was.

 First of all, about the upcoming early access session: it's an extremely rare occasion when you won't see anything specific, but you will feel it in a new way for sure. It is related both to our game and to any other existing flight sim about the WWII era. The reason is that our in-game physics has reached a brand new level in regards of aircraft systems modeling. From now on our internal combustion engine model takes into consideration the state of atmosphere. For example: its winter outdoors, the air is cold which allows an engine to perform with more power. The system is universal and homogeneous so it can be implemented in other theatres of war if we choose to make those. So, keep in mind that you should know the weather forecast before going on a mission. Here in Stalingrad it is -15C, so the engines have their power increased some. Should it influence your perception of well-known planes? Well, you'll see it soon.
 In other news, the closed test participants are passionately working on future improvements in the multiplayer mode. We plan to have a new live stream soon maybe next week. Albert and I and a group of testers will show you some online battles and tell you what's going on and how to use the new features.
 Another update to the early access version in addition to atmosphere system is spotters and missions for them. They will let you feel the support of your allies and help you to find your bearings while on a combat mission. Also the model of Stalingrad city has been changed slightly. Please, share your impressions as we're interested in your opinion on that one, as well as on the new visual FX like fire, etc.
 And yes, the IL-2 is coming really soon. February is promising to bring lots of excitement and spring will surely be pure fun with new game modes and planes. As for now we have to hold out some of the big updates from the early access version – so we can keep the pace of development up and remain within the time limits that we've set for ourselves.