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Developing the flight sim our team itself seems to be turning into a train simulator: after the locomotive is warmed up with technology development, the speed of adding new content is increasing so rapidly. It means this time not only Albert but also I can please you with some long awaited good news.


As we promised you’ll get IL-2 and all its modifications including the rear gunner on the nearest early access session. Note, that it’s not complete yet, for instance, a lot of gauges are disabled, and the skin armoring may be not 100% correct. Updates to complete the aircraft will be applied over time but in general IL-2 is ready for early access. Also, several missions for this plane have been designed for you to try it out in various combat situations, so I congratulate you with this new flying beast!

Instead of teasing you with Ju-87 release date, I’d rather tell you about fresh fixes and additions. Let’s start with AA crews that were sent for extra training course which means that: a) they are better shooters and more dangerous to incautious pilots; b) they inevitably die if you shoot them, bomb them, or behave somehow hostile. By the way, bomb and rocket explosion effects have been improved so the destructive mightiness of you brand new IL-2 is now even more impressive and realistic. Another addition that shows our warm care about the AA crew guys is that the Germans now have searching lights to hunt down LaGGs in the night sky of Stalingrad region. At this version they can be found near the Lapino airfield which you already love, I believe.

Furthermore radio comms have been reworked to make them sound clearer and help you to realize where and why you may need to fly. Some optimization has been made, to be certain, smoke domes above Stalingrad should now show better performance. And here comes pleasant news for aesthetes and those who prefer manual mixture control - exhaust flames color now varies depending on the mixture saturation.

This is far not all that we’ve prepared. We plan to tell you about everything that we’ve brought to you by the 12th week of early access later today in a live stream. Loft and I will share with you all interesting and useful data about in-game IL-2 and we’ll answer your questions in the chat of our Twitch channel. Broadcast starts at 16:40 GMT.

P.S Happy Valentine's day! It does not matter if you’re in love with a nice person, or your job, or one brilliant flight sim about Stalingrad - let this day bring you more joy and delight.

ATTENTION: All input settings will be wiped with the up-coming update. Please, do NOT try to back up the recent configuration and replace the new one - reconfigure settings from scratch.