So, now we have the offical word from 1C about the delay. All about that in the latest developer diary which you can find here.

So here are the news:

Hi Everybody!


Today we give you the single player campaign for the Early Access. This is the most complex game mode we have in BOS. It utilizes our mission generator logic, AI technologies, and all the content we’ve made. We’ll keep working on the Campaign for a time, adding new types of missions, applying some more scenario elements and improve the existing systems. Because today’s release is the very first public version of the Campaign, you’ll probably find bugs in it. We’ll notify you about the most important ones that are discovered and, of course, fix them.


And yes, we need some extra time to finalize the project and make some important corrections. This is mostly related to the key features of the flight-sim i.e. engineering and programming. It may seem that now that the Campaign is going to be available we’d have all the time in the world for the rest of the work. Despite modern trends we do not want an endless beta for our game. That’s why when some necessary “polishing” is done IL2:BOS will be officially released in the beginning of November 2014, which is one month from today.


Today’s update will be one of the most significant of the entire Early Access period. Because of that, the first thing that you need to know is that you’ll need to perform a clean install if you have the non-Steam version. We apologize for that, but it is necessary. Uninstall the game completely (and a system reboot is recommended after that), download the updated game client from your profile and run the installer. Steam version owners won’t need all that as the update is going to be automatic. The second thing we want you to pay attention to is that the in-game progress logics will be enabled. In other words, all modifications on your accounts have been locked and you’ll make them available by playing the Campaign. Also, we’ve updated the Founders’ hangars with exclusive skins and other little things that we promised to all participants of the pre-order program.


We want to thank the community for their patience and understanding as we have progressed through the Early Access period. Overall it’s been a pretty pleasant experience we believe, hopefully the new Campaign will work as it is supposed to. As we enter the final stretch we are pleased to see some innovative MP servers and some really awesome videos that have been created to help demonstrate how awesome BOS is. We appreciate the efforts of all involved to support the BOS community and this hobby.