In today's update we can read this:

Hi Everybody,

February 2nd, 1943 is when the Battle of Stalingrad was over after the surrounded 6th Army capitulated. In the memory of that date we want to share with you at least a part of the plans that our team is currently working at.

Let’s start with what is already complete. On Monday, February 9th we’re going to deploy a small update to the official website. As a result, a new item will appear in the premium account profiles - “Activate modifications” button.

Owners of Premium accounts will be able activate all modifications without unlocking them in Campaign mode. You have a Premium account if you bought Premium edition, or Standard edition plus both additional planes: La-5 and Fw 190 A-3. Activating modifications cannot be reverted so you must make a considerate and thoughtful decision before you click the button. Note that this button doesn’t activate unlockable plane skins which remain obtainable through the Campaign.

We can also read read that this spring will see the Dedicated Server pack for those who wants to set up a server of their own, the Full Mission Builder, 2 new additional variants  (summer and autumn versions) of the Stalingrad map.


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