So good news. In today's update we learn that update V.1.009 is beeing released next week:

Just a snippet:

Hi Everybody!

Next week we’re going to have a scheduled update  V.1.009.

Along with pretty highly awaited dedicated server and full mission editor, fixes of sounds in multiplayer and several DM improvements, the update will feature the oxygen system simulation. I’ve asked one of our engineers, known as Gavrick on the forums, to tell more about this feature.


Every aircraft in BOS, except IL-2, is equipped with an oxygen system. It’s designed to provide normal breathing for a pilot on high altitudes. Flying higher than 3000m with a malfunctioning oxygen system or without one is dangerous due to chances of falling unconscious and lowered tolerance to overloads.

Soviet planes are equipped with KPA-3bis open type oxygen devices. He 111 have similar systems while all other German planes in our game have lung-governed oxygen feed devices. The first type delivers pure oxygen directly while the automated lung-governed systems mix oxygen with the surrounding air and feed it for breath-in only. Accordingly, such devices spend different amount of oxygen on different altitudes.

Oxygen is stored highly pressurized in special tanks. Every plane has a manometer to control the use of oxygen. Normally there’s enough oxygen to gain altitude and maintain flight on reached altitudes for a long time; some planes have so much oxygen on board that it’s basically impossible to spend it all on one fuel tank.

In case if the oxygen system is damaged it is highly recommended to avoid high-g maneuvers and descend to 3km and lower.

Read the full news and the full list of bugsfixes/additional features etc etc here.