TAW Situation Map

This is the siutation of the Eastern front on TAW Server. Please visit TAW Site for more information. SvAF normally fly on Axis' side.

So, if you all remember our old feature for IL2 1946, where we could see playerlist on our favourite servers, also marked red if a SvAFer was playing on it?

Well today, after some highly appreciated help from a certain member's cuz, we have a similar one also for IL2 Battle of Stalinggrad. 


In the left column you see  a new module. Here all servers that are included in online.il2forever.com's API are listed. The Server name is marked RED if a SvAFer is on it. Just press the server's name to view the player list.

Hopefully this module will be tweaked once DedServer is out, and by then we also hope that online.il2forever.com will keep the API updated.