Thanks to the creative community, we have already quite a few little tools and tricks for IL2BoS. SvAF HQ have taken notice of two which could really help out; the "Wind calculator" (which is a great tool when high level bombing) and the "Stalingrad map tool" (which you can use to calculate headings between different areas on the Stalingrad map using waypoints, but also estimate flight time by entering speed).

Both these tools are available in the top menu, opening them in a new window. Try them out - I kind of like them a lot.

PS; there could be some issues with the map tool when using Chrome.


Tips for the maptool:

It os  possible to draw separate paths. To finish a path and start a new, you should click on the end of latest arrow.

  • Possible to set unique speed for each path segment. For that you should click on center of section (before editing better to switch off drawing tool).
  • On arrow's label added information about planned speed on segment.

You can also download the maptool and keep it locally. The map tool thread at BoS forum is here if you want to know more.