TAW Situation Map

This is the siutation of the Eastern front on TAW Server. Please visit TAW Site for more information. SvAF normally fly on Axis' side.

As usual you udate with launcher or Steam if u have a steam version if the game (auto)

Today IL2 BoS was updated to version 1.010 including;

Aircraft FM/DM/AI:

  1. The issue that caused He 111 to hop up when its wheel is shot off was fixed;
  2. Extreme nosing over in case of heavy tail hit on Pe-2 was fixed;
  3. He 111 tailwheel fixed;
  4. Pilots and gunners vitality decreased (now it takes 2-3 not slowed by an armor 7.62 bullets to kill them);
  5. Rudder counter forces at high speed were reduced on Fw 190 according to the reference;
  6. Taxiing on Fw 190 improved (landing gear settings tweaked to make turning at low speeds with released tail wheel manageable);
  7. Fixed the speed that pushes pilot’s head back into the cockpit. It starts to push on 300 km/h and completely returns the head back inside on 500km/h;
  8. It still remains possible to do a small sneak peek even on high speeds;
  9. The airflow is now pushing pilot’s head back into the cockpit according to IAS, not TAS;
  10. Speed is now correctly shown on He 111 gauges;
  11. Prop feathering levers on He 111 now works correctly;
  12. The issue that made it impossible for AI to control the plane after any manual stabilizer changes was fixed;
  13. AI pilot on Fw 190 was fixed;
  14. Landing skill of Bf 109 AI pilots was improved;
  15. Bombing skill of Bf 109 AI pilots was improved;
  16. AI fighter pilots can sustain heavier overload during dogfight;
  17. AI bombers and attack planes won't attempt to dogfight in Duel missions, they perform evasive maneuvers and rely on their turrets;
  18. AI gunners open fire at ground targets at a longer range;

and more: read more here