If you haven't got it yet..

Dear Pilots!

Fall is coming! And we are preparing to release the first free additional content pack for all IL-2: BOS players. Summer and Fall seasonal maps will become available for download in less than two months as well as a special Early Stalingrad mission pack for the Campaign mode. That means now is a perfect time to try Battle of Stalingrad and see what the project has to offer a true flight sim enthusiast. If you’re considering to joining the BOS community or if you’re eager to have one of your friends as a virtual wingman - don’t miss this sale!

From August 24th till September 1st all IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad editions and DLCs are going to be available with a 50% discount both in our store and on Steam. Use this opportunity and be ready to fight above the golden fields and scarlet forests of the Stalingrad front.

Meanwhile Battle of Moscow development is proceeding as planned. The stubby I-16 and the sexy MC.202 are already available to players who have pre-ordered the game. Three more planes will be added throughout autumn 2015. All of them you can use to fight on the new Stalingrad maps as we finish Moscow, but much more is coming in 2016 when the full Battle of Moscow will be released.


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