So, yeah - they were a day ahead: Friday developer diary came.. today. And what good news they bring us --- with some toppings...

"Hello everyone!

I'm glad to inform you that Autumn has came! :) The development of autumn and summer Stalingrad maps is almost complete and we need to finish only "Battle of Stalingrad, part 1" campaign. This new campaign includes several new cool features like new mission types "Attack river ships", "Cover river ships", "Attack river crossing" and new story missions at the beginning of each campaign chapter.

In addition, the development of Bf 109 E-7 fighter is close to finish, the only tasks that remain are flight model fine tuning and teaching AI how to fly it.

All these features are planned to be included in 1.104 update that is scheduled for end of October. We hope that we will complete this objective :)

Stay tuned!