Some news regarding upcoming patch 1.104 plus som other stuff which might be interesting for.... tank affacionados ;)

"Hello everyone!

Today we have some good news: version 1.104 is ready for beta testing, it includes a German fighter Bf 109 E-7 for Battle of Moscow project, summer and autumn Stalingrad maps and the new campaign Battle of Stalingrad: part 1.

We worked on some additional optimizations of the physics code and plan to increase the maximum simultaneous players cap on one multiplayer server to 84 persons. In addition, while making physics changes for summer season we improved the ground contact and near ground aerodynamics modeling and added more surface types, I'll tell you about this in detail in our next update.

To make your waiting for 1.104 less boresome, today we're presenting new screenshots of the new campaign [EDIT not included here, see original news on IL2 forum], new fighter and a little surprise. In addition to screenshots there are two videos; one of them shows aerobatics abilities of upcoming Bf 109 E-7 (it may be interesting to compare its capabilities with Bf 109 F-4, which aerobatics video we published earlier); the second video is a little surprise too."