News from the IL2-team:

Dear pilots!

We're glad to announce that the sim has been updated to version 2.004. It includes many changes we were working on for Battle of Kuban and of course all of them will be in Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. While developing Battle of Kuban we're working on all three our projects at once, bringing the improvements to all our users.

This time almost all parts of the game were improved, the most important ones being the first results of physics optimizations for AI aircraft, landing gear physics modeling corrections for all planes, addition of the spotting ability to aircraft in multiplayer and the ability to set clouds height and thickness. All parts of the game were polished to some extent.


Physical Model and Systems Fine Tuning

  1. First optimization task completed: AI controlled aircraft on the ground can be doubled, while resources used by aircraft in the air decreased by 20%;
  2. 'Jumpy landing gear' issue fixed thanks to improved shock strut model;
  3. Lift force loss and drag increase of a remaining wing after fragmentation of a wing corrected;
  4. Bumpiness of concrete runways and taxiways reduced;
  5. A slipping friction modeling situation when a stationary or slowly rotating wheel of a landing aircraft touches the ground at a high speed has been improved, resulting in more accurate modeling of two-point landing. Tail-high landing can be performed if you touch the runway accurately;
  6. An additional lateral friction is applied to a drifting wheel, making an aircraft more stable while taxiing, take off and landing, but also making it prone to roll-over during a strong skid;
  7. He-111 won't rotate after an emergency landing;
  8. Bf 109 E-7 mass correctly decreases with ammo spending;
  9. Wrongly added excess weight removed from IL-2 and LaGG-3 with VYa-23 and Sh-37 guns;
  10. Engine heat model corrected for Ju-87;
  11. Yak-1 series 69 engine characteristics corrected, now it follows the reference better (maximum speed at ground level and its turn time decreased a bit);
  12. Engine damage logic corrected: now an engine with a depleted time reserve at combat or other modes won't be damaged while working at normal mode afterwards;
  13. Physical behaviour of a detached wheel of an airplane is improved in case of fall on ground;

Aircraft Damage Modeling

  1. AB-1 armor made more resistant to shell fragments, protecting internal aircraft equipment better;
  2. Aircraft tails made more resistant to gunfire;
  3. Bf 110 E-2 damage resistance corrected (slightly increased). Now it is a bit less durable than Pe-2;

Aircraft Systems

  1. Altitudes of engaging and disengaging breathing devices were corrected for German aircraft (by German flight manuals);
  2. Oxygen deprivation model corrected (its effects are felt at higher altitudes than before);
  3. Powered temperature gauges won't work when engine is off;
  4. Pe-2 trimmer neutral position indicators work now;
  5. REVI-12 gunsight reticle corrected (increased by 12%);
  6. La-5 engine assistant won't erroneously reduce RPM after canceled landing and going around;

3D Models

  1. MiG-3 3D model corrected thanks to research performed by community member BorysVorobyov;
  2. P-40 cabin plexiglass quality increased;
  3. Pe-2 fuel gauge is backlit now;
  4. La-5 cylinder head temperature gauge is backlit as well;
  5. I-16 mechanical sight corrected;
  6. Bf 110 E-2 gunsight ;
  7. Bf 109 canopy color corrected for some color schemes;

Aircraft AI

  1. Fw 190 AI won't crush into ground after receiving Attack Area order;
  2. Fixed AI crashing into ground after dropping bombs at low altitude;
  3. Fixed AI wingmen dangerous maneuvering while given Cover command that could cause them to crash into each other;
  4. AI Fw 190 should enter uncontrollable spin less frequently (their angle of attack limit has been corrected);
  5. AI P-40 should enter uncontrollable spin less frequently (their sideslip angle limit has been corrected);
  6. Fixed AI crashing into ground after achieving maximum dive speed;
  7. AI gunners won't always have a max skill level (their skill is now tied to AI pilot skill);
  8. AI gunners open fire at a closer distance when given an 'fire at close distance' command;
  9. Fixed Ju 88 gunners not firing if the pilot window was opened;

Mission Logic

  1. It is now possible to give the spotter ability to an aircraft, making it recon plane;
  2. It is now possible to give the spotter ability to a spawned object;
  3. Cloud height and thickness can be set in a mission;
  4. More than 32 buildings can be destroyed in a city block (restriction removed);

Graphical User Interface

  1. Selected engines now displayed in HUD on multi-engine aircraft;
  2. Symbols and lines on the map are now scaled with it;
  3. New GUI options 'show player messages' and 'show kill messages';
  4. New technochat message added telling pilot that an engine is deselected;
  5. Additional technochat message added to MiG-3 and P-40 telling about tail wheel locking and unlocking caused by pedals position;
  6. Detailed wind info added to campaign bombing missions;
  7. Cloud level height (and thickness in case of thick clouds) info added to briefing;
  8. Wind turbulence info added to QMB and campaign briefings;

Other changes and additions

  1. Significant performance increase for ships (their impact on the game performance is reduced 5 times);
  2. Destroying an AA gun on a ship won't destroy a ship itself;
  3. Wingmen callsigns corrected in the campaign (previously several wingmen could have a same callsign number);
  4. Callsigns corrected in the campaign (previously two flights could have a same callsign);
  5. Ground attack planes targets corrected in the campaign (previously they could fail to appear in certain circumstances);
  6. Several language translations were corrected;
  7. A rare issue - black screen on mission start - has been fixed.




  1. Cloud level height (distance between the ground and clouds bottom) can be set to any reasonable value. Cloud thickness is limited for different weather presets:
  2. In this new version (2.004) missions format was changed, so binary missions which were created in previous versions will not work properly. To restore your mission delete .msnbin file and keep only .Mission file, open in in Mission Editor and re-save it with new .msnbin binary mission.
  3. Due to mission format change flight records which were recorded in previous versions will not replay.