A mission report from F16_Simon aka Ramrod back then... 6+ years ago:

First mission
Me and Helmet managed to bring down a very stubborn Tempest driver with descent rotte tactics (for once). Of course a MkIX Spit joined us and decided to "swiss cheesify" my left wing and I was forced to look when poor Helmet gets pounded by the Spit.

Well, atleast we got the Tempest....

Second mission
The map changed to Revange I think. We decided to go Jabo the hell out of the Reds. On route to target Helmet identified another Spit. Now it was pay back time..

I broke into the attack and waited for him to join my 6 so Helmet could get into firing solution. Helmet scared him off and now it was my turn to help Helmet.

I was closing in and saw the Spits tracers all around Helmet and I had one last thought; "please God, let me destroy this awful Spit". Actually... that was my last thought because then I turned my beloved 190 into one expensive tree hugger. :(

Once again the great Ramrod had left poor Helmet with a Spit on his tail down low...

Following missions
Now the great ground pounder Thunderbear and Cat had joined and the map changed into that D-Day +6 map and we picked up some P47s.

First attack went smoothly and we finally performed a successful ground attack against some axis armour and artillery.

With a cocky attitude we returned fully loaded to another target and this time things didn´t go as planned....

At first Cat produced a large fancy hole just beside some Panzers that contained some bits and pieces of his beautiful Jug. Thunderbear got hit in the engine.

Next up I lined up for a nice strafe and noticed Thunderbear crossing my flight path from right to left ~200m ahead. He was preparing for one last bomb run before ditching and his last bomb exploded just under my belly and we both exploded... 3 Jugs destroyed....

We performed one last attempt on the remaining ground targets and managed to change the map with a red win. But not before Cats produced another fancy hole with his Jug ;)

My last map before "the end"
After a catastrophic mission with 3 Me410s lost after some milling around south of the target I decided to pick a long nose Dora and go Spit hunting.

After 40min in the air I found a Tempest that had all his focus on a poor 109 and I gave chase. We rocked back and forth in the clouds and in the same time poor Cat was fighting for his live just under me over the target in a Stuka, Thunderbear was in the same situation but in a ME410. I promised them that I would cover them but my naive hunting brain focused on the Tempest instead....

This time my final thoughts was once again; "Please God, let me destroy this Tempest!". Once again that was my actual last thought... 1/10th of a second before my index finger pressed the trigger my ping bar went red... I had lost the connection and I was furious.

Moments later I hear my beloved wife shout "Whoops!" She had turned of the power switch that runs the TV and our router.....


All in all this was one of the greatest evening in a long time. I would like to thank Helmet, Thunderbear and Cats for the teamwork, the laughter and the failures. ;)
I didnt record anything so there are no pics of the missions. From now on there will be fraps running in every mission.
I hope you enjoyed the reading. This is actually my first AAR so be gentle. ;)
Maybe the others can fill in a couple of gaps here and there.

Över and ut