So, it's been awhile since we at SvAF republished news from the IL2 team - it's time to do it again. This time the team give us an update on the Kuban project:

Hello everyone!

Today we present you a small report on the progress of our "Battle for the Kuban" project. At the moment, work is almost completed on the improved flight models and work on the map of Kuban is also in the final stage. The Hs -29 B-2 ground attack plane will be finished in a couple of weeks. Its flight model and cockpit textures are being finalized and we will be able to present it to you soon. Work on the new shadow technology has been completed and settings for the increased quality has been added to the GUI. We’ve added an even sharper setting recently that allows the shadows in the cockpit to become even more detailed than what we showed you earlier. Also, the distance of the shadows in the landscape has been increased to twice as far. Thus, in total, depending on the field of view of the camera, the range of shadow rendering at the highest setting will exceed the existing one by several times. Of course, this setting is quite demanding on PCs, however, on top-end video cards, the FPS continues to be quite high with the maximized settings. For less powerful video cards there will be 4 more levels to adjust the quality of shadows. You can to choose the balance of image quality and performance that’s best for you.

1.jpg 2.jpg


We have also undertaken a very serious and effective effort to improve the visualization of the sea in all ranges - near, middle and far.

Work on the new "Career" mode is also in full swing. At the moment, the programming portion is 90% complete and the work on filling this new game mode of content has started. We expect that during the continued process of this work we will be able to create an interesting and fun Career mode for you with some other small technical improvements included.

rank_ger.jpg rank_sov1.jpg captain.jpg


As the saying goes - A picture is worth a thousand words! So here is a small in-flight video over the Gelendzhik bay in which you can see some features of the Kuban map such as the improved sea visualization, new shadows in the cockpit and some others: