News from the team:
Hello everybody,

We were closely monitoring the forums for the last two days and corrected several issues that could be fixed quickly. The hotfix 2.012 brings the following changes:


  1. Course corrections in the bomb sight mode became more precise;
  2. Wind speed will no longer suddenly decrease or increase while approaching the airfileds in the mountains;
  3. Adjustable stabilizer buttons control delay minimized;
  4. Mouse controls are now compatible with the level autopilot and course correction commands, even in the bomb sight mode;
  5. Flag capture messages were corrected;
  6. Complex Trigger takes into account paratroopers properly now;
  7. Marker colors were corrected in track replays;
  8. Kuban map boundary limits now work correctly;
  9. 'End of the world' on the Kuban map has been removed;
  10.  QMB on the Kuban map won't generate buildings too far from the starting point, decreasing the mission load time;
  11.  7000 tons cargo ship has been added to the game;
  12.  14000 tons armed tanker has been added to the game.