TAW has started up for the next iteration. 
SvAF has been registered as an AXIS Squadron.

GTo apply, register a pilot here and let an administrator of the Squad assign you (preferebly on TS or in the shoutbox to the right)h

Useful documentation:

News for this season:

  • New artillery objective. When enemy tank convoy, with more than 10 tanks, is near the city then artillery is placed to support tanks attack. To prevent from capturing the city destroy artillery and tanks as well.
  • New supply warehouse objective is placed on the map once every 4-5 real days (about 50 missions). If not destroyed then it increase global limits for planes, tanks and trucks by 80, 150 and 240 respectively. Supply warehouse consist of several different hangars and other buildings. You must destroy as many hangars as possible.
  • If depot is destroyed completely then it’s not available for several missions (about 15). After that time it is rebuild but only by 50%, so I will be much easier to destroy it next time. It’s recommended to constantly attacking enemy depot because if not attacked then it’s rebuild by a small amount. Depot has influence on tanks/supply convoy strength, defense position strength and availability of some payloads on the airfields.
  • New defense position layout. As before tanks, anti-tanks guns, BM-13 and armored trucks, dugouts should be destroyed. There are many dugouts now but only those witch are connected by passages should be destroyed. The main strength of defense position are tanks/anti-tank guns (50%), then BM-13/armored trucks (25%) and connected dugouts (25%)
  • After capturing enemy city new defense position depends on number of trucks and also number of tanks now.
  • Hidden troops are placed on its side of territory. Front line takes into account position of this troops.
  • It’s not possible to land on closed airfield.
  • Drop zone for paratroops is visible only for Axis side.
  • Destroyed bridge doesn’t inform about nearby enemy planes.
  • Ju-52 doesn’t need 100% fuel to fly transport mission.
  • Planes with quantity below 0 will not be replenish automatically by CM+1 anymore.
  • Disconnection – if plane was damaged and there was disconnection before 5min from last damage then it’s count as before as DISCO. If disconnection was after 5min then it’s not counted as DISCO but plane is lost.
  • New medals graphic and awards for total flight time on different type of planes.
  • New plane set(click on pic)


  • * ShVAK is not available for the I-16 type 24 on the first map #1
  • * VYa23 is not available for the IL-2 AM-38 '41 on the first map #1
  • * M82F engine is not available for the La-5 on the map #5
  • * Mk103 is not available for the Hs-129 on the maps #5 and #6
  • * Sh37 is limited for the IL-2 AM-38 ’42. Limitation depends on depot destruction.
  • * SC1000 is limited for the He 111 H-6. It’s not available on frontline airfields and limitation depends on depot destruction.