Some love for A20?

Developer Diary #177

Hello everybody,

The winter is coming and we're approaching the Battle of Kuban release run. The Career mode texts are finished and being translated right now. Cooperative mode is in the internal testing phase. P-39L, A-20B and Yak-7B flight models are nearly finished, Bf 109 G-6 and La-5FN exterior models are ready and their cockpits are in the works. Today we can show you the current state of the A-20B bomber interior:

strelok_pic01.jpg strelok_pic02.jpg
strelok_pic03.jpg strelok_pic04.jpg

We're completing the increased rendering distance feature: the atmospheric haze has been tuned for it and skydome has been completely reworked for daytime and dusk light conditions. At the moment, we're working on winter landscape and skydome graphics, as well on cumulus clouds. Plans for the new year are being finalized and confirmed, but we'll maintain the suspense a bit more, all we can say now is that they'll definitely amaze you. To finish today's relatively short Dev Diary, we present you the first in-game shots of Bf 109 G-6 Collector Plane:

1.jpg 2.jpg