This year's Ace of Aces: F16_Matz

After three hours of blood, sweat and tears in this year's "Ace of Aces", where combatants from SvAF went head-to-head on each other; swordfighting high and low in 109 Emils, the final at last came to be. In a dense and prolonged dance macabre between F16's very own F16_Petter and F16_Matz, the last man standing was... F16_Matz.With his exceptional snapshots, ability to take advantage of the chances that were given, and a keen eye for his opponent's every move, Matz finally overcame Petter, who put up a great fight with excellent tactics and stamina.

We congratulate Matz for his 2nd title and thanks to all who participated. Also a BIG thank you to Petter who organized it all and also fixed the grand price.

Please comment in this thread. There will also be some pictures and tracks posted soon!

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