IL2 4.11 update - readme and video

So Daidalos are warming us up for the release of the next official patch for IL2 1946; 4.11.

They have released a readme for the patch which can be downloaded (21 pages!!) here. (MEGAUPLOAD.COM).
The patch contains things like:

Main Features
6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits
AI improvements
• Improved radiator & overheat modeling
• Difficulty option changes
• Bomb fuzes
• Stationary plane spawning
• Reworked bomb damage
Control surface & pilot's head positions transferred over network
• Mouse wheel zoom
Bombing commands
• Additional waypoint parameters

New Flyable Planes
• PE-8
• TB-7 M40
• IL-4
• Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ATA
• Mosquito XVIII "Tse-Tse"

New AI Planes
• TBD-1
• Hs 123
• IK-3
• Cant Z 506B
• Ki-45 Kai Hei
• Ki-45 Kai Tei

New ground units
• Autoblindo AB 41
• Carro Armato L6-40
• Carro Armato 13-40
• Semovente 47-32
• Semovente 75-18-40
• Crusader III
• Several new groups and companies based on existing tanks & vehicles

Here a quick video that demonstrates the adjusted 1st person eye pivot:


How does this effect Ultrapack which is used predominantely online? I have no clue. As far as I have understood the MOD-people decided to "Break" with official patches after 4.10. If this patch with it's VERY interesting new features change things I don't know, but I DO know that the 6DOF now IN official IL2 WILL have an effect on usage. As far as I have understood from reading Bananaforum the official 6DOF will work a little differently than the mod 6DOF.

Either way, The Daidalos Team has really come up with some great new features in this big upcoming patch.

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