The gang over at 1C/Maddox Games wish us all a Happy New year with a few screenshots of the upcoming sequel and some reassuring words about the continued work with Clod.


All of us here at Maddox Games want to wish you a happy holiday season and lots of fun and excitement in the new year!

We know that 2011 was not the best year in simulation history. While we did manage to finally ship our new flight sim that’s taken so many years of our lives to build, all of us know that things could have gone better. Rest assured that we continue to pour our hearts and souls into the series, and we are continuing to work very hard to make the game better and to earn your trust and respect.

We are very sad that despite all of our efforts we were unable to complete a new patch in time for the holidays. It wasn’t for the lack of trying. It’s just we are actually working to make things right instead of rushing them out to meet an arbitrary deadline. You’ll have the patch when it’s good and ready and does everything we want it to do. We’ll go right back to it in January, and hope to give you a new beta very soon.

Thank you all for your patience and support!

The good news is, we have complete support of our management behind us and we already have plans for the series for years to come (Mayas be damned). The plans include both improving Cliffs of Dover and more than one upcoming sequel. More details will be announced in due course.

And to end this on a high note, we’d like to show you a few screenshots of the airplane that started it all, now on a completely different technological level which is being created for a sequel.


Happy New Year everyone!

I’d just like to clarify a couple of things, just in case:

1. We are continuing to work on ALL previously announced features: graphics, FM, AI, radio comms, launcher errors, etc. This has always been a constant, never changed, not expected to change.

2. We assume that the most common reaction to the screenshots will be “why the heck do we need that, why didn’t you work on XYZ instead”. We almost decided to skip the screenshots altogether, but then decided that we’ll get the same reaction if we post nothing as well. So we decided to post these anyway – and we’ve got our asbestos suits on

Happy New Year alla SvAFfers and friends!!!