Lucasfilms will finally be releasing George Lucas' passion project, Red Tails, in US theaters January 20th. This action-packed movie is based on the true story of African-American pilots who experienced segregation during World War II. Although they were in the Tuskegee training program, they spent most of their time on the ground rather than in the air until they were called to duty by Col. A.J. Bullard. Lucas has spent over 23 years and $93M of his own money to take the movie to the big screen.

When asked about the difficulties he had in getting the movie made, Lucas responded:

Well, Will Smith's not in it and it's not a sequel. If we had that, we wouldn't have had the problem.

Hopefully all of Lucas' hard work will pay off.

I financed the movie myself and went to the studios to distribute it and nobody wanted it. They just didn't feel there was enough of an audience out there for it... I said "Okay, put in more money and let's do it ourselves."

No news about Swedish premiere, if any.