So... today's update was a short one with a little bit on everything we want to know.

About the upcoming patch for Clod, with main focus a new graphics engine which seems to increase performance drastically, this little tidbit showed up on Russian sukhoi forum by luthier (in google english though ;) ):

So we try very hard to make it more habitable, believable landscape. With the patch, the main task - graphics - is almost ready, but, as always, for three days on this part of it, two on the other, five on this one. The problems were only with decals yes yes sprite transparencies, until we solve as collect, verify until - well, not next week for sure.

Then we finally got our hands on Clod airplane templates for those who wants to make skins.

A few screenshots from the upcoming title;

Finally a 3 minute video of... well what do you say? :D