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Good day gentlemen!

Most of us are busy preparing the beta version of the upcoming patch. We did make a whole lot of FPS benchmarking, and the great news is, it’s all in line with the previously announced numbers. The performance increase is very significant.

Unfortunately we could not do any benchmarks on the famous Black Death track. We know everyone’s been asking about it. The track however is currently broken due to changes in other unrelated parts of the code. We probably won’t get the old version to run anymore and have to make a new Black Death to go with the new patch.

So any comparison between the old and the new Black Death will only be approximate (can’t wait for the conspiracy theories BTW).


So our today’s update is small but it’s got it where it counts.

We are showing the third and final ground vehicles video today. As most of you have guessed, it focuses on drivable tanks.

AAs always, I’d like to remind you that the feature is still a work in progress. We continue to test and improve the feature.

The sound is far from final. For example we are working on making weapon sounds more varied and historically accurate.

We have also made other changes since the version in which the video was made. The damage model for the vehicles was improved. Destroyed ground objects have inertia and continue moving after death. Component damage system (tracks, crew, gunners etc) has also been improved. Unfortunately due to yesterday being an official holiday we simply had no time to make additional footage and splice it into the video.

Most importantly, I do want to note one more time that at this time we do not know ourselves when and in which shape the feature will make it into the game.

Have a good weekend!