...news reads as follows:

Hi everyone,

The testing has been a great success! We’re still catching up to all the logs and dumps we’ve received. We’re only up to Wednesday’s logs so far. We’ve identified and tentatively (pending further testing) fixed every bug found so far, except for one. Most importantly, one lucky log gave us exactly what we were looking for, and we got a crash at the precise moment we needed to have it happen.

The only bug we haven’t yet fixed has to do with the game crashing due to some external programs running in the background.

We’re still investigating that one. It apparently may be connected to having flash videos loaded in a web browser while playing the game, and / or using voice chat. We’re not done investigating that one yet however, so we haven’t yet fixed it.


With that, we do have an update to the beta that should address the other crash bugs, and address some of the others like reduced quality cockpits. It’s a tiny .dll file that you need to put into your

"(Program Files)\Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\parts\core" - Folder
IMPORTANT! ONLY DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THIS FILE IF YOU ARE RUNNING THE BETA(ALPHA) PATCH. If not, just take this notice as a sign that MG-team is working ;)

Game version remains the same. When sending logs, dumps, screenshots, or any other info, please specify whether it’s pre- or post-fix.

File Download.