So, something has happened on the IL2 horizon. UP3 seems to be dead in the water, and I guess we can count it out from further development. Sad, but things are as they are.

However, another mod pack (HSFX), which was originally very much geared towards players of SEOW (Scorched Earth Online War) campaigns, has been introduced and applied to Online servers such as Warbirds of Prey (spits vs 109 HFX) and Aces over Europe.

The latest of this modpack has been built on IL2 version 4.11.1, thus taking advantage of the huge amount of work and improvements that Daidalos team officially developed for our beloved sim.

It seems that this new course has awakened the IL2 community, and maybe - just maybe - this has led IL2 to an "indian summer", fair and hot weather on it's way to autumn, winter and decline.

Your's truly flew some missions on Aces over Europe the other day with fellow squad-mates, and was amazed of how fun IL2 still is, when he have new toys to play with; new maps, new missions, new planes (well done), new SOUND (big improvement)... and (not to forget).. a well visited server. 90 players on a weekday evening is not horse shit. I honestly can't remember ANY time with so many players on a server... and with no noticeable lag/packetloss.

HSFX install procedure is described here, HSFX release notes here.

Let's wake this puppy up!