So, here we are at the end of the road as it seems with Cliffs of Dover - at least until the so mysterious "sequel" shows up. Yesterday Maddox Games published the final patch on Steam.. so no more beta/RC-patch downloads via torrent.. Steam should take care of it.

Here is Luthier's "final" say on the matter. Original thread can be read here.

Good day everyone,

Exactly a year after the last patch we’re finally releasing one more official add-on to Cliffs of Dover. Simply open steam and allow it to auto-update the game.


Please note that the content deployment system for steam has changed since the last version, so the game will go through a quick automated conversion process once the patch is deployed.
Compared to RC2, the patch now on steam has a few minor changes. Most are not listed in the patch notes as they are not changes compared to the previous steam version.

The changes include
- Changed default trimmer positions for 109s, Ju-87s, Ju-88s, G-50 and the He-111;
- Corrected G.50 FM, increased horizontal speeds;
- Increased open canopy drag;
- Corrected cloud shadows. They should no longer be projected upwards;
- Corrected curly tracer effects;
- Disabled WEP for British fighters using 87-oct fuel.

I know all of you are anxious to know about what happens now. Unfortunately we’re not ready to post that just yet. We will post announcements and a more detailed roadmap in a very near future.
We really hope that the new steam version that includes many great new additions will finally be something the community is excited about. The free release Su-26 aerobatics plane is a very small token of our appreciation of your support.

Thank you all for sticking around with us, and enjoy the game!