Good news my friends. There has been a lot of rumours lately about the demise and cancellation of the Il2 Cliffs of Dover's sequel. The name of the title has never been released; before these latest rumours most of us thought it was "Battle for Moscow".

Today, when hope was almost lost, this annoucement was made:

Dear Pilots,

Today we announced a new partnership between 1C and 777 Studios and the next product in the Sturmovik legacy – IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

Both 1C and 777 Studios have entered into this arrangement with the best of intentions, which are to make quality combat flight simulation products that you enjoy (Rise of Flight, IL-2 Sturmovik). Both companies share a deep desire to see the flight-simulation genre succeed and thrive. And both companies have already spent millions of dollars and countless sleepless nights trying to make products that the flight-simulation community loves. We believe our past effortsare an indication that our motivations in this genre are sincere and our dedication to this niche of PC gaming has always been and will remain strong.

This development may come as a surprise to some in the community, but we are not here to argue about it.

By combining the best talent, management and technology we feel that it will be easier to overcome the technical, financial and industry related challenges that are unique to the flight-simulation genre. But it’s still not going to be easy and we still need the community’s support. There is no unlimited budget or endless release schedule. We hope that all of the virtual pilots out there in the community understand the challenges we face and will choose to stand with us in this new enterprise and help us make a brighter future for the entire combat flight-simulation genre.

We’re sure you will have questions about the upcoming product.

Warmest Regards,

The Team
IL-2 Sturmovik
Rise of Flight

LOFT//Chief producer 1C Game Studios

I think this was one of the brightest news snippets I have read in a long time; not only will we see a sequel, but we can also, most likely, look forward to a better run project. No information about time of release just yet though. Keep your fingers crossed....

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