Hello boyz.

As I guess you have all noticed f19vs.se was f** up, messed, hacked and fu*** up again. Instead of putting down a lot of time to fix it.. it would only be up for a few weeks anyway, we have decided to start up this site instead... a bit premature maybe. It is still under construction  - content will be updated and most importantly all user info and hopefully forum post will be imported. e107 is OUT of the window!

This means for the time beein: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG ON to this web site just yet and NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER. As you can see this site is a tad on a diet (no "login" and no "who's online"), but it'll show up eventually ;)

In the meanwhile you can use the chat module to the right to communicate and log on to the teamspeak server by pressing the channel links to the left. When you do so, be sure to fill in you nick (f1X_name) and choose "anonymous".

The chat window will also see a few changes, the input "square" will be moved to the top of the chatwindow.

Thanx for your patience... we made the transfer a little sooner than we thought... more info later...


PS. If you have visited f19vs.se the past few days I suggest you update your antivirus protection and run a scan, just to be sure you haven' t got shit between your teeth.