TAW Situation Map

This is the siutation of the Eastern front on TAW Server. Please visit TAW Site for more information. SvAF normally fly on Axis' side.

According to some posts over at WoP forum, Spits vs 109 server has crashed a few too many times running UP3.0 RC 3. Therefor on the 30th of July both WoP-servers were updated to the new patch hot-fix UP 3.0 RC4.

UP 3.0 RC 4 can be download here.
PLEASE read instructions carefully.
It is Strongly Recommended that you install this upgrade to your UP 3.0RC/RC2/RC3 installation.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Disable any activated addons with JSGME before you install the RC pack and then apply them again.

I can not tell when other UP3servers willl be updated (such as Kampverband and Battle of Britain Servers) but I guess they will be updated soon.
EDIT: Battle of Britain is now RC4 while Kampverband is still RC3
EDIT2: Kampverband13 also updated to RC4 (6/8 2011)