As from today (Sunday November 6th) we will have two TS servers running; one TS3 which we will try to convert to and the old TS2. As we are trying out the TS3 server, let's keep it as our Default server and first choice to use for now and let the "old" TS2 serve as a backup. If we feel that TS3 is up to par with our expectations, we will turn off TS2 eventually.

Therefor the Teamspeak module to the left is referring to the TS3 server. To use it you first have to install a Teamspeak 3 client. To acess the server, just click on the header (SvAF TS Server) and you will be logged in. If it is unvailable for some reason, the adress is as usual

The T2 module is available on the right column "SvAV TS Backup".