SvAF is an abbrevation of "Swedish Virtual Arforce" and started out as a non-offical group back in 2009 consisting of the virtual squadrons F16VS and F19VS.

F19VS and F16VS have been flying together since 2003 and for many members our squadrons have always felt as one, even though there has always been some kind of sibling rivalty amongst us.

As time progressed our squadrons got tighter and tighter. Even though we had our own squad tags ("F16_" and "F19_") and our own sites ("" and "") we felt that we needed some kind of term to descibe us as a group. In 2009 the term "SvAF" surfaced, and was used loosely to group our squadrons together.

After awhile (2010) we decided to make SvAF more offical, thus merging our homesites to one. Our individual squadrons still exists and you can read about them under menus "F16VS/F19VS". We are keeping our squad tags with the additional SvAF-tag (SvAF/F1x) but henceforth SvAF is our offical "joint venture" so to speak.

We are NOT an elitesquadron, that is a squadron who only recruits TOP-OF-THE-ART-pilots. The main objective is to create a community around flying online and having great fun in doing just that.

However, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to become/remain a member of SvAF.

  • "Volunteers" should act honorably when playing on-line. Do not use foul language. Remember that as a volunteer you represent the whole squadron.
  • All volunteers should use names online so that it is obvious that they are a member of this squadron. The rule is as follows: SvAF/Fxx_"your name"¨
  • Volunteers must stay "active" on a reasonable level, or will be re-assigned to the Reserve Unit.
  • Preferably this squadron should consist of Scandinavian simmers only, with timedifference between continents as the only reason. Also you should be over 20.

Enough said about that. If your have met us online, or just stumbled in here for the first time, and want to become a "volunteer", please contact us

//F16_HQ & F19_HQ