TOPIC: Thoughts regarding the Thrustmaster Warthog so far.

Thoughts regarding the Thrustmaster Warthog so far. 8 years 4 weeks ago #7408

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Ok boys, this is not a review but just some inital thought of what the WH stick is like to me.

First of all....Heavy! When i dismounted My x52 it felt like a peice of plastic.
I have loved my x52 but this feels much sturdier and solid.

Ergonomics. Well, the stick is perfect. Fits My hand well without any sharp edges cutting in to it.
It's much heavier to operate though. Initially I had some issues to come over the high spring load, but now I have adopted.
It's still very smooth,but I have read that the first batch seemed to have some lubrication issues and were a bit "nothchy" but My stick is just fine so far. The throttle is nice with lots of extra buttons and swithes. However the throttles do have a little wobble.
It's mostly felt when they are separted. It definatly not a showstopper. When flying I don't notice it.
The throttle is not as ergonomic as the saitek. It feels more like having a spruce cone (grankotte) in your hand.
All buttons on th WH are hard and needs force to push. The switches are good.Some needs less force than others though.

The most important, accuracy.
yes, it's extremely accurate! I have tested il2, RoF, and all DCS titles.
I must say DCS Black Shark proved it to me the most. It's much easier to get that helo where I want it now.
It needs more force than the x52 but it does deliver.

I'm still learning to setup the profiles in the target software.
I'm allmost ready with my il2 profile.
It's still a beta rc2 , which I find a bit anoying but it does work .
It has potential to do some serious scripting,but I would rather have it easier to work with.

So far I'm more than happy with this stick.

...och inled mig inte i frestelsen..jag hittar själv.
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If you think the Warthog has high spring load, then you should try the stock Cougar, this one is smooooth... ;)

I feel like you, the stick is perfect and feels very nice but the throttle is a little weird, you are so right with a "grankotte", but I think I will get used to it.

I have not tried the Warthog in a game yet, installed the software on my laptop and tried T.A.R.G.E.T GUI and Script Editor, the software is beta but I don't like the GUI or the Script editor when comparing to the Cougar software. But I read the scripting guide and think I will learn and get used to the new scripting language.
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Ok, I'll jolt down my thought so far.

The stick:
Handle is basically the same as the cougar with two minor changes, the pinky switch has been moved to a more awkward position than before and the CMS hat now has a push-button. Buttons on the stick needs some force to push down but I think these will soften up after a while. The stick is mounted to the base in ball-in-socket fashion and it's frikkin smooth! No x-y "pathing" but the center detent feels kind of dramatic for me (u2 cougar has no center detent). Forces needed to move the stick is much lighter than stock cougar and somewhat lighter than the u2 cougar. The feeling kind of reminds me of Neos CH stick which I tried out at petters place.

The throttle:
Wow, do real a10 pilots spend hours in an aircraft with this throttle? I bet they all have "tennis-arm". Buttons are all in the wrong place and the lack of rotaries is really frustrating. The mouse-stick is frikkin lame compared to the micro-stick on the cougar, it's also positioned on the middle of the handle so you will have to use your middle finger to use it -making it even more awkward. I do like the improved break-switch, china and boat-switch. Like Cona my throttle handle has a little bit of sideway play, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. I'm considering keeping my cougar throttle for now.

The control panel (base of throttle):
I really like this, lots of heavy duty 2 and 3-way switched which feel really sturdy. There are two push buttons on the base, 5 two-way, 2 three way and two switches with two positions and a third position that spring back. The green backlight adds some niceness to it.

The software (TARGET):
What a pile of garbage the software is, how can you make a window un-resizable? How come I cannot upload a configuration into the stick and close the program? No, I have to launch the program every single time and "RUN" the script in the program, leaving it open and not minimize-able. The UI feels really clunky and non-intuitive. How come I cannot run the script editor and the loading program at the same time?! Why are you making flashy animations of the stick and throttle and input output graphs in the GUI mapping but have no feedback on the buttons and axis visible?! Instead you have to launch some mysterious 3rd program (with yet another window look) to see your axes (but only input) and to see your macro you have to launch yet another program.............*POP* Now, thankfully this is only a release candidate and I really really hope they improve on this shit because this will end with me having a seizure. The scripting language seem to be quite powerful on the other hand but probably way too complex for many users.
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Some mixed feelings.. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread :D

But mum.. Please!
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Nah, not really mixed feelings. I think we are all quite satified, but yes there are some minor things, but not any worse of what I had with the x52.

Starting to get the DCS Black Shark profile ready. RoF is done and just some things to add on IL-2. Then it's starting with DCS a-10c and Lockon FC2.
FC2 will need at least 3 profiles though. But in general they are quite the same so it should not take that long time.
...och inled mig inte i frestelsen..jag hittar själv.
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Thanks for your views on the stick. I think I'm quite happy with my X-52 Pro for now. The warthog seems nice but the lack of rotaries is a deal breaker for me. Waiting until they've fixed the clunky software seems like a good idea as well.
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