TOPIC: Assembly of the CH-pedals. (Pictures!)

Assembly of the CH-pedals. (Pictures!) 6 years 4 months ago #9479

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I put together my pedals today, after some cleaning and repair of snapped wires.

Took some pics as a personal reminder of how the beast should be reassembled. This is not an encouragement for anyone to disassemble their stuff!

The thing pretty much in molecules, only thing that is mounted here are the rollers on the pedal base. This requires some care since the rollers and the tiny shafts are quite loose and will easily fall and hide under furniture.
(Pepper can and discarded drive unrelated :) ).

Rocker and springs in place.

This is the pot mechanics turned upside down, should flip back to the left so that the rings mate with the tubes.

The lever needs to go beneath the rocker, peg on rocker in lever hole.

Circuit board screwed in place and cables in clips. Shrink tubes are due to repair.

Cables go through the pedal base...

Like this:

Toebrake spring hooks to the gear thingy and the peg in the pedal. Push the thingy and hold, while screwing on the outer axis holders.

Note the colors of the wires. Electrical tape for extra isolation between contacts and pot (securing against potential short circuit).

Inner axis holders mounted and pots in place.

Only left to put on the pedal tops and screw the thing together. If bottom and top of the base still not screwed together, keep them pressed together until secured with screws.

Result: Working toebrakes and smooth, you can't imagine the amount of dirt i got out! :sick:

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Re: Assembly of the CH-pedals. (Pictures!) 6 years 4 months ago #9480

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jösses.... den där operationen är defintivt viktig att komma ihåg!!! sankjo!!!
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